Interim Management

Interim management is still in its infancy in Austria. Many people here associate it with a temporary assignment abroad to implement a specific project. But there is much more to it than that. The term gap management describes what interim management can do: It often provides continuity following the sudden departure or absence of an executive ensuring that day-to-day business operations continue to run smoothly. Interim managers are called in to fill the gap until the executive returns or a suitably qualified person has been found to fill the position permanently.


As an interim manager, I take on an operational management role for a limited period of time or step in to bridge temporary capacity bottlenecks. My work is strictly results-driven and project-based. As an outsider I am often in a better position to help avoid internal conflicts. Your company benefits from the professional management of ongoing business operations and from the insourcing of knowledge and experience. Interim managers are problem-solvers.  – I am ready to be your dedicated problem solver in anything to do with finances.


When do I step in?

During periods of leave, sabbaticals, sudden absences due to burn-out or other illnesses, but also following mergers. I am ready to take on assignments both in Austria and abroad. I support medium-sized companies that have their own finance departments, international corporations, as well as insolvency administrators and company founders.

Mag. (FH) Petra Maria Loeffler – Interim Management & Consulting

Zöchbauerstraße 9/38, 1160 Wien

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